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Queen Jane Approximately

September 27th, 2007

(no subject) @ 08:13 pm

I am feeling uber stressed what with a number of major life changes. New city, new school, new job, new weather, new people.

I love my apartment, except for the fact that it has been ridiculously difficult to get anything delivered here. The intercoms are connected to phone numbers, but only work with local numbers, which I don't yet have. I have a bed on order that I have been yearning for for weeks. My building manager kindly lent me an air matress that I've been sleeping on, although I find air matresses to be pretty uncomfortable as long term sleeping solutions. Part of these delivery woes are my doing, since I decided to get a double bed after having ordered a single bed--my apartment is small, but beds are important. So there was massive confusion with the Fed Ex delivery. I realized only today that the second bed I ordered isn't even being shipped via Fed Ex--this was only after waiting all day for the Fed Ex man to deliver the wrong bed! I feel like I'm in some sort of Kafka parable, where you spend your time trying to navigate some sort of opaque bureacracy--with the goal perpetually just out of sight and ultimately unachievable.

School is okay. A part of me wonders why I am still in class-shouldn't I be doing something else with my time, already? But I think I just need to settle in the routine--and once I feel like I can get some proper sleep, I'll be able to focus a bit better.
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Queen Jane Approximately